Joy Lind

Birth Doula

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During her first pregnancy, Joy grappled with a lot of fear regarding childbirth. Thankfully, she crossed paths with a New Creation childbirth educator who convinced her to take her class. The class was a turning point as it opened Joy's eyes to the amazing process of birth and led her to hiring a doula who helped her work through her anxieties and hopes for the birth of her son. Joy’s doula helped her not only to realize she was completely capable of birthing her baby, but that it could be a good and beautiful experience, full of safety and warmth instead of fear. This completely altered Joy’s outlook on birth. With the help of her incredible support team, Joy had a peaceful birth that she looks back on with fondness. Without childbirth education and a fantastic doula, Joy is confident both her birth experiences would not have been so positive.

Following the birth of her firstborn, Joy could not stop reading about and researching birth. She found herself talking nonstop about the huge difference that great support made in birth. What she initially thought was just a hobby became her driving passion- to see women be empowered throughout their pregnancies, know their options, be supported in their wishes, and feel prepared and unafraid as they prepared for the work of labor. Joy began walking alongside her pregnant friends, helping them navigate the many choices during pregnancy and prepare for their births. She found so much joy and purpose in doing this that it only seemed natural to make it official and become a doula. Joy was closely mentored by experienced doulas and completed her certification with BEST Doula. She believes that every woman should have access to a doula. Because of this, limited sliding scale spots are available for families in need. 


Joy has been happily married to James for 9 years and is totally smitten with their two boys, Shepherd (born 2o16) and Ian (2019). She loves baking, The Office, sunshine, and exploring new places. She would love to sit with you over a cup of coffee and talk and dream with you about your upcoming birth.

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Aubrey says:

"As my doula, Joy had a difficult task: to be the doula for a strongly opinionated, independent, used-to-serving-others-but-reluctant-to-accept-help, experienced doula and mama of five. The best of doulas tailor their support to the desires of their clients, and Joy did just that. She did everything exactly right. There is nothing I would change about how she supported me, nothing I wish she had said or didn't say, did or didn't do. I have nothing but gratitude and praise for Joy's doula support."

Blair Says:

"Joy's presence filled my birthing room with peace. She served me physically, spiritually, and emotionally. As I labored, she steadfastly read Scripture over me (per my request), poured out words of encouragement, and massaged my tired body. She was strong and supportive like a pillar but gentle and kind like a dove. I'm so thankful she was a part of my birth story."

Birth Doula Services
Includes two in-depth prenatal visits, unlimited phone + email support, continuous labor support, and a postpartum visit.