Serving a 25 mile radius from Raleigh


Mary is passionate about giving every mother she serves professional support and personalized care through their pregnancy and birth.

Having been raised with nine siblings and now an auntie to 7 nieces and nephews, an interest in labor and delivery came naturally to her. She seriously began considering jobs in the birth field when a friend mentioned she would make a great midwife. After researching more about Doulas and the important niche they fill, she knew it was a fit! Mary has loved all the training related to labor, birth, and post-partum care that she has received and is enthusiastic about everything related to birth. She has completed most of DONA’s Birth Doula training and is now in New Creation’s mentorship program.

Birth is an important event in every mother’s life. Mary believes every mother should receive the best care through this life-changing experience. She would love to help you meet your unique birth goals by providing assistance with your questions/planning and by giving you compassionate care during labor and birth. Most importantly, she desires to help you make a special memory with your baby that will last a lifetime.

Mary’s biggest passion in life is loving and serving Jesus Christ. She is a member of Christ Baptist Church in Raleigh. When she is not attending a birth or working on college studies, she enjoys jogging, baking, reading, and spending time with family and friends. 

What Mary's clients have said about her…

Tabitha says:

“Mary was an inestimable blessing to my family when my third child was born. Her cheerful and capable willingness to serve me practically in any way necessary, at a time when I was physically weak, coupled with her gentle, kind spirit made her a welcome and highly valued support. Mary's attentive perception of the needs of others and diligence in ministering to them abundantly evidence her servant's heart. I look forward to having Mary at my future births if I should be so blessed!”