We are a community of Christian birth workers whose desire is to magnify Christ as we serve families during their parenting journey.

As a collective, we are able to provide a array of services to our clients at an affordable cost.  


New Creation recognizes that birth is only the beginning of a couple's role in parenting the new creation God has entrusted to them. We seek to give you the skills you will need both now and in the future. 


It is our pleasure to support individuals and families of all faith backgrounds and belief systems.

Our Mission

Choose from a wide array of services carefully chosen to support you on your journey to parenthood.

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  • Susanna Elliot: Director, Birth & Bereavement Doula, Childbirth Educator, Placenta Encapsulator.



Kaity says:

The New Creation Birth Services birth class prepared my husband and me so well for labor. While the class focused on preparing you for natural birth, we also thoroughly covered the different medical interventions that you might want/need. Instead of teaching one "right way" for labor and delivery, Susanna focused teaching us how to think through the risks and benefits of all options. I felt empowered to make informed decisions concerning my labor. In addition to the class material, it was fun to meet other expectant mothers and fathers. We learned so much from others asking questions we hadn't yet thought of asking.

Brittany says:

“Working with Susanna and the New Creation team was more of a blessing than I could imagine. Their tender care during two very difficult labors helped my husband and I to push through and deliver our daughters safely and naturally." 

Blair says: 

"Joy's presence filled my birthing room with peace. She served me physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I'm so thankful she was a part of my birth story."

Jacqueline says: 

"Mary calmly and patiently guided me through my contractions. Her insight on different laboring positions and coping techniques was highly beneficial."