Serving a 25 mile radius from Raleigh

Ryan Butner

Birth & postpartum Doula

Ryan's first birth was a long and hard experience for her. At the time she had never heard of a doula or knew how much help they could be. After the traumatic birth of her daughter she looked into ways to help other mother's have the beautiful birth she desired to have. She stumbled upon research about doulas and the passion to become one was born. She has a desire to help families during the transition into Parenthood and to make birth a beautiful experience for everyone. 


She also has a passion for helping parents during the 4th trimester (Postpartum period). Ryan struggled with severe postpartum depression and anxiety after her births and wants to walk beside other mother's during that time. She knows the few weeks following birth are beautiful, demanding  and tiring times and understands it takes a village and wants to help be that village for other mother's. 


Ryan is married to her husband Jon and has 3 children; Alice, Viviana and Ryker. She enjoys cooking, crocheting and traveling. She's also enjoys all things geeky.