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Susanna is the founder and director of New Creation Birth Services. She has been a birth doula since 2010.  In April of the same year she founded New Creation in order to create a place for families and birth professionals alike to have resources and support. 


She loves training and encouraging new doulas and seeing them develop into amazing birth workers.  She also enjoys educating and equipping new families to have the birth experiences they desire. 

Susanna is the mother of nine children, five amazing humans here on earth and 4 babies in heaven. It was out of her experiences with each of those children that she was inspired to walk along side other families as they become parents.

Her role as a therapist has enhanced her skills as a birth worker and she continues to serve a limited number of families at New Creation as a birth and bereavement doula and serves as a childbirth educator. As a birth worker she desires to help couples and families have the best start possible.

Justin Says:

"The best example of how Susanna  immediately added value was when she arrived at our house at 3am. I had the bags packed and ready to go to the hospital. My wife had achieved the 5-1-1 mark with her contractions, so I went to work contacting our neighbors and hospital that we were on our way! But our doula was wise and helped my wife through a contraction and it was obvious she was much better at coaching my wife through these than I was. Susanna really shined as she calmly coached and massaged my wife through contractions. So we resettled into the house and labored there for another 4 hours in the comfort of our home before going to the hospital for a delivery at the perfect time.  It was amazing to see a seasoned professional in her element. Meanwhile, I could contribute in a meaningful way without the responsibility of knowing everything to say and do."

Kaity Says:

Susanna was an incredible doula. During labor, her presence was calming. My tendency was to panic and say I wasn't able to keep going. Susanna helped me think rightly by helping control my breathing and making me say "I can do this". Having her there during my labor made a huge difference in the overall experience---it was as positive as birth can be! Not only was I thankful Susanna was there, but my husband was as well. Having a second person able to help me through contractions and just be with me allowed him to take short breaks without feeling like he was deserting me. I would recommend Susanna to anyone looking for a doula!

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$1350 Birth Doula Services

We believe education is key so we discount our services when you combine doula services with the childbirth class.